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We've had a makeover!

Welcome to the new puzzlesbyjim.com, the home of the Weekly Challenge.  What is the Weekly Challenge?  It's a puzzle that's a bit larger and more difficult than your average newspaper crossword.  It's more akin to the kind you see in the Sunday papers.  Rather than Sunday, we publish a new puzzle each Monday so you can relax and take a break as you start your week.  Of course, if you feel in the mood for a more casual crossword, we have those too in the Themed Puzzles section.  The puzzles there are smaller and feature many different themes, from music to satire to whimsy to obscure humor, and even some that might called educational, and of course there enough corny puns to make anyone groan!

So tell me more about the makeover...

OK, since you asked.  Besides the overall look and feel, we replaced the old drop-down menu system with buttons, which makes the site easier to navigate.  Instead of having to go thru the menus to get to latest Weekly Challenge, it now has it's own navigation button.  

One of the biggest changes we made was behind the scenes.  Unlike our old puzzles, Java is no longer required   The puzzles will now work in any web browser that supports JavaScript (which is pretty much all of the latest ones).

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